• Justin (he/him)


    Justin has been a Mission Cliffs member since 2011, and a superstar desk staffer and personal trainer there since 2015. Dancer, climber, and all-around badass, he has the helm at Cliffs of Id and we couldn’t be prouder!

  • Tia (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    Born and raised in the ungodly heat of the Inland Empire, Tia escaped to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an archaeologist. After completing her degree in Anthropology, she decided to switch career fields and went on to work for several museums around LA, where she gets to touch a bunch of really cool art and historical artifacts. She started climbing in 2017 and has found this to be one of the most amazing communities to be a part of. Outside of climbing, she really enjoys picking up new hobbies, seeing live music, traveling, and talking about how great dogs are. If you let her hang out with your dog, you’ll most likely have a friend for life.

  • Katelyn (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    The one thing Katelyn loves more than the outdoors is getting to know all the awesome people that make their way into Cliffs of Id. Born in Big Bear, she had the chance to experience nature in every possible way (excluding climbing, ironically enough). She has a degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, but please don’t ask her to fix your pulleys or old injuries—that’s what doctors are for! She loves new adventures, new friends, and exploring new places.

    When she isn’t in the gym working, climbing, or on grand adventures she is out helping folks buy and sell their homes. Yes, you read it right — she’s a Realtor! If you ever see Katelyn in the gym, go ahead and stop by to say hi and have a positive conversation. She is always stoked to share stories, exchange perspectives, and answer any questions you may have (climbing and non-climbing related)!

  • Nick (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Nick Chang was built in a facility in Virginia, meticulously crafted and programmed to destroy all evil. However, after being transported to Southern California as a young human infant, he was corrupted by material vices, like food and video games. Now he exists at the Cliffs of Id as a repository of generally useless information, dispensing fact and fiction alike from decades of academia, media, tvtropes, etc. It is said that one day, Nick Chang will return to his original programming, though no one knows what that will mean for the world.

  • Andrew (he/him)

    玛雅历法结束后,安德鲁的攀登career began and the prophecy has been fulfilled. This suburban Pennsylvanian has bounced from coast to coast climbing rocks and playing the Witcher on his Switch. He always enjoys a good sandwich and probably hasn’t seen whatever you’re talking about on Netflix. Aside from that, you can catch him hopped up on mate hanging around the gym.

  • Mike (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Mike started his career of “falling a lot” in small skateparks in Western Massachusetts. Now you can see him falling on crash pads, gym mats, and sometimes on ropes. If “the feet are too close” or the sit start is “pointless” you can even see him fall before he even gets off the ground. If there aren’t “tall guy cheat codes” in your beta he doesn’t want to hear it.Mike spent a lot of time hiking and camping with his family, no matter how much he complained, and eventually grew to love being outside. Now, thats half of the reason he ever goes on climbing trips: the other half is to work on that “gettable” V4 that’s “totally going down” this year, as long as the conditions are right, his skin is the “right texture”, and there’s enough people to “add to the stoke”, but it’s not too crowded, and he didn’t eat a heavy meal earlier, but he’s not too hungry. Either way he’s always down to throw a tent in a backpack and cook over a fire whether there’s a large rock to climb or not. Leave the camp meals to him because he used to be a Chef, so he’ll know if the hotdog is the right amount of charred and the marshmallow was “on-fire enough.”

  • Jordan (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Jordan is an adventurer in the truest sense. He is an ace crocodile hunter, rock climber and cat dad, who hails from the wilds of Australian suburbia. His latest adventure may be the biggest test for him yet, traveling to the bizarre netherworld that is Los Angeles, in search of excitement, treasure and new things to climb!

  • Gigi (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    In 2012, Gigi discovered climbing at Mesa Rim Gym (Mira Mesa) in San Diego, CA. After moving to the IE to study at the University of Redlands in 2017, she found community at Hangar 18 Riverside and then at Flowstone upon its opening. While out east, she spent many days climbing in Joshua Tree and Black Mountain, which remain as some of her favorite outdoor spots for bouldering!Gigi loves climbing, painting, going to the beach, and her cats. She is currently learning Mandarin and is always looking for practice partners. Feel free to chat with her!

  • Jonathan (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Jonathan has been climbing since 2015, getting his start at Atlanta Rocks! with a Groupon for an Intro to Climbing Class. After that he was hooked! Within six months he was working desk staff, and in another month he became an instructor. Soon after he was a coach for the youth climbing team. Jonathan’s passionate about teaching, and loves watching people new to climbing succeed. In the Spring of 2022 he will attend culinary school for pastry arts.